“I feel very much as if this has been a collaboration, even though Gemma has project-managed every detail of the renovation from the initial drawings to the final touches.”

Esther Perkins, London 

GDI provides a service that extends far beyond specifying finishes and choosing paint colours.  We specialise in guiding our Clients through every aspect of a building project and overseeing its successful execution.

In some cases this has been started from the very beginning by helping our Client choose a home that is right for them, all the way through to hanging their art, once the builders have left and the dust has settled.  

We describe this complete service as being the Client's Representative.  We hold and direct the project in its entirety, either in collaboration with the Client or on their behalf.  Our Clients benefit not only from our wealth of experience but also the tried and trusted relationships we have developed over the years with architects, contractors and suppliers.  

By taking on this role, GDI distils what can be an overwhelming amount of information and number of interactions, as we become the primary point of contact for the Client.  This approach also ensures that the creative vision that is established at the very beginning of the project is honoured throughout.   We work closely with our Clients to establish that creative vision and an aesthetic that reflects who they are.  As the needs and personalities of our Clients vary greatly each project is totally unique.  We look forward to helping you with yours.